Sea Elf

Dwelling in underwater communities that tend to be close to large reefs, Sea Elves – who call themselves “Quessari” – have greenish-blue skin, sometimes accented with natural markings. Stronger than other elves, they are robust and tall with long limbs, and long, thickly webbed digits.

Their hair is usually thick and somewhat stringy, and can be blue, black, silver, or even the occasional red. They also possess gills, which are visible on their necks and along their ribs.

Sea elves tend to wear light garments or no clothes at all. When they do wear clothing, it is often formed from underwater plants, in blacks, browns, and greens. Warriors tend to clip their hair, but other sea elves wear it long and flowing.

Quessari are isolationist by the fact that most of them live their whole lives beneath the waves – though they are not quite as reclusive as the wood elves. They will trade giant pearls and other undersea treasures with small communities for magic items.

They can survive out of water for days, but will start to “dry-out” without access to sea water or the appropriate magic.

Sea Elves are in a constant state of war with the Sahuagin.

Sea Elf Traits

  • Ability Score Increase. Your Strength score increases by 1.
  • Gills. You can breath underwater.
  • Air Tolerance. You may remain out of water for a number of days equal to your Constitution modifier (minimum 1)
  • Sea Elf Weapon Training. You have proficiency with spear, javelin, trident, and net.

Sea Elf

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