"Mister Copper" Thrinain Cuthwiu (Redemption Boatswain)

A tall Copper-scaled Dragonborn the loose-fitting outfit of a sailor, with a whip coiled at his waist.

12 16 14 14 10 08 13 38
Passive Perception 13 SKILLS
Athletics Investigation Perception Persuasion
+ 4 + 5 + 3 + 2
Carpenter’s Tools
+ 5
Whip + 6 to hit, 1d4 + 3s. Reach
Breath Weapon. 5′×30′ line of acid (Dex save DC13 for half) 3d6 acid damage.

“Mister Copper” (a Copper Dragonborn) is a decent fighter, but typically more preoccupied with the maintenance of the Redemption and its supply stores. Mister Copper inspects the ship, sails, and rigging at dawn every morning, then reports to Capt. Redcloak, Kaddie, and the Undertoe.

Mister Copper is always on the move, overseeing deck activities, and ensuring everyone carries their weight. Mister Cooper’s loos garments are ragged and dirty as he is much more interested in caring for the ship than for himself.

Agile and intelligent (though a terrible conversationalist and something of a bore, Mister Copper speaks with a reptilian hiss. He is an expert carpenter, and can be quite arrogant. He is logical, but respects life above all other concerns.

Mister Copper’s life goal is to someday captain his own chip, and he saves every penny toward that purpose, though he sometimes overindulges in the decadent pleasures of shore leave – he is a definite hedonist.

"Mister Copper" Thrinain Cuthwiu (Redemption Boatswain)

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