Kolo Undertoe (Ship's Master, Redemption)

Small, even for a halfling, with long white hair, and a silvered dagger where his left hand should be.

12 20 08 14 10 18 14 45
Passive Perception 18 SKILLS
Athletics Animal Handling Arcana Deception History
+ 9 + 4 + 6 + 8 + 10
Intimidation Perception Performance Slight of Hand Stealth
+ 8 + 8 + 12 + 13 + 9
Cartographer’s Tools Pan Flute
+ 6 + 8
3-Dragon Ante Viol
+ 8 + 8
+2 Cutlass + 11 / + 11 to hit, 1d6 + 2s. Finesse, Light.
+ +3 Dagger + 12 to hit, 1d4 +3 p. Finesse, Light.
Lucky. When Kolo rolls a 1 on an attack roll, ability check or saving throw, he can reroll the die and must use the new roll.
Bardic Inspiration (Valor). 4 / rest Add 1d6 to Attack rolls, Ability Checks, Saving Throws, Armor Class, or Damage.
Boots of Striding & Springing. Wondrous Item (Uncommon) Requires Attunement. Walking speed becomes 30 and jump distance is multiplied by 3 (within remaining movement).
14 Spells per Day +8 to hit DC 16 Save
Cantrips Dancing Lights, Mage Hand, Prestidigitation, Vicious
1st. Cure Wounds, Dissonant Whispers, Quickswim,
2nd. Jig of the Wave, See Invisibility, Shatter.
3rd. Detect Ship, Roar of the Waves.
4th. Dimension Door, Flowsight.
5th. Mass Cure Wounds, Raise Dead, Teleportation Circle.

The Undertoe and Mauzer

MAUZER (Blink Dog)
12 17 12 10 13 11 13 27
Passive Perception 13 SKILLS
Perception Stealth
+ 3 + 5
Scent. Mauzer has advantage on all Wisdom (Perception) checks related to hearing or smell.
Langauges. Mauzer speaks the language of Blink Dogs, and understands (but cannot speak) Sylvan.
Bite + 3 to hit, 1d6 + 1p.
Teleport (Recharge 4-6). Mauzer can teleport, along with any equipment carried (or with Kolo) up to 40 feet to an unoccupied space he can see. Before teleporting, Mauzer can make one bite attack..

The secretive halfling in charge of navigation and the sailing of the ship, Kolo spends most of his time in his private quarters, seldom seen by any but Captain Redcloak and a handful of others. Paradoxically, those who do interact with the Undertoe (including Redcloak – though the halfling corrects him), often call him “captain.”

Kolo Undertoe is an impossibly old halfling, with a missing left hand, and a silvered dagger for a hook. His hair is long and white, pulled into a sloppy ponytail. He is constantly accompanied by the blink dog, Mauzer.

Kolo is surprisingly agile for an old hin, but his age has made him pale, sickly, and he walks with a cane (which he will discard in the face of battle, or even a suitably interesting encounter at sea).

The Undertoe speaks several languages fluently, and a few with a heavy accent. He knows Common, Abyssal, Aquan, Dwarvish, Elven, Halfling, Sylvan, and Undercommon. He understands (but cannot speak) the language of the Blink Dogs.

When preoccupied, he often sings to himself, or hums and whistles. Kolo is a bard, and whistling is his performance of choice.

The Undertoe is suspicious of others, and often quite irritable. He prizes personal independence and freedom above all else save respect, which he demands from his crew (a curiosity, because everyone of them will tell you he needn’t even ask – having earned their respect several times over).

Captain Undertoe is even more protective of his crew than Foxe, and he absolutely loves his ship; it is his prized possession. He tries to hide the fact that he absolutely despises the Drow, and he kills every spider he finds with impunity. As a matter of fact, the entire crew will kill a spider, just to keep the Undertoe from finding it.

Kolo Undertoe (Ship's Master, Redemption)

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