Candle "House" Shepherd (Redemption Ship's Priest)

A mountain of a man, jolly and fat, with a bald head and a full, thick beard.

12 10 14 10 16 14 10 52
Passive Perception 16 SKILLS
Athletics Arcana History Nature Religion
+ 4 + 3 + 3 + 3 + 6
+ 6
Alchemy Kit Dice Set
+ 3 + 3
+2 Trident +6 to hit, 1d6 + 3p. Versatile 1d10 + 3p.
Mace +4 to hit, 1d6 + 1b.
Channel Divinity (2 / Rest).
Blessings of the Sea. House can use his Channel Divinity to grant himself and all allies within 30-feet advantage on one of the following (chosen by the target): Saving throws verses Cold, Lightning, or Thunder damage, or Acrobatics or Athletics checks. Once the blessing is granted, it remains with the character for 1 hour, or until invoked (target need not remain in range).
Lord of the Sea. House can also us Channel Divinity to charm all Marine creatures within 30 feet. This is a Charisma Save (DC14) or the creatures are charmed for 1 hour or until they suffer damage. This applies to all aquatic life, marine birds, and marine mammals (including transitional animals, such as polar bears or otters). Unlike other charm effects, this power effects swarms of creatures.
Turn Undead. House can present his holy symbol and expend Channel Divinity to cause all undead within 30 feet (who can see him) to make a Wisdom save (DC 14) or be turned for 1 minute (or until it takes damage). Undead of 1/2 CR or less, who fail the save, are destroyed outright.
Thunderous Rebuke. When a creature attacks House with a melee attack, under the open sky, he can use his reaction to cause the creature to make a Dexterity saving throw (DC 14). The creature takes 2d8 Lightning or Thunder damage (House’s Choice), or half as much if they successfully save. He can do this three times, and replenish his uses after a long rest.
Prep 10 spells / day + 6 to hit DC 14 Save.
Orisons Light, Mending, Spare the Dying, Thaumaturgy.
1st (4). Create or Destroy Water, Cure Wounds, Fog Cloud,
Purify Food & Drink, Speak with Animals.
2nd (3). Prayer of Healing, Silence, Spiritual Weapon.
3rd (3). Alter Self, Dispel Magic, Gust of Wind, Water Walk.
4th (1). Control Water, Freedom of Movement.

Candle Shepherd is as big as a house, hence his nickname, “House.” He is a jolly, fat man with a full beard of brown / black hair and a bald head. He dresses in a manner similar to other sailors on his ship.

He is perceptive and spiritual, but honestly, not very bright. He has a rich, baritone singing voice, though; and he enjoys singing old sea shanties.

House is a genuinely friendly man, who believes in people, and the aspirations of all men – er… sentient beings – the better themselves. He is protective of his shipmates, and tries not to let his Human-centric beliefs get in the way of his function aboard the ship. He respects all his fellow crewmen, but looks down on non-humans. If a choice is to be made, it is no secret that House will grant preferences to humans over all others; though he will also select crew before non-crew.

House is a cleric of Umberlea – and the Oceanic Domain.

Candle "House" Shepherd (Redemption Ship's Priest)

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